Watch “Let’s Get Social 2014” to get mentally raped! It should be declared a Thought Crime!

The song needs black people. Black artists neither need lyrics nor tune. They can spit the lyrics into the mike and it will be accepted as music. Not that Black performers can’t sing or know tunes. Big Music doesn’t want them to.

It was actually a valiant effort by the singer and the producer. It couldn’t be better than that. (It is also getting viral, which is what they wanted.) Here is another one video from 2013 (created under another account.) I see nothing wrong with the lyrics. It is better and more intelligible than anything churned by Big Music today.

It is just the vapid topic and the very idea “let’s get social” that makes it sound rather like a desperate cry for help. I am pretty sure somebody insisted that the title line be “Let’s get social” and this song was the result. The first time I saw the video I skipped parts of it. When I saw people standing up, I thought people were leaving. No, the slaves were just taking selfies just as they were asked to. Perhaps, it didn’t suck so much live.

In the comments, I found a note by Adam Curry. I clicked his name and found another hilarious video. Man! That Adam Curry is one funny dude! How does he do it?

This is actually a video by some pissed-off Bitcoin fans. Initially, I thought it was really Adam Curry and started laughing uncontrollably. (Curry says he wears a woman’s dress at night and his wife actually encourages this.) It is the Leave Britney Alone guy I had only read about.


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