Fallen wombs of Nepali women campaign – another attempt at conquering the last holdouts against Western allopathic quackery

Nepalis consume raw milk. They don’t take allopathic medicine. They don’t vaccinate, drink piped fluoridated or chlorinated water… so on. They eat naturally grown food without chemicals ir pesticides. Their homes are made from natural material.

This is why they don’t have cancer. They are the only few people who have enzymes that can digest milk protein. They get married very young (14-16) and have high fertility rates. Women give birth at home. Women work even on the day of delivery and go back to work almost immediately.

Women carry unbelievably huge weights on their backs, as Desmond Doig recounts in his book. Like wrestlers, they take adequate precautions by tieing a cloth belt around their belly.

So, yes, fallen wombs may be a problem but not as much as this news report suggests.

What the Rockefellers are looking at is not helping the women. They want to make permanent changes to their lifestyle. Make them less fertile and transform them into permanent customers of their drug/medical industries, processed food businesses and piped (poisoned) water supply companies.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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