Rich nations need to think about what? Emerging markets? Is that what Chicago economic hitmen taught you? What a maroon!

They don’t think about their own people. Then, why would they think about EMs?

Is this the economic hitman I was extremely worried about? I guess the Chicago group wanted a dummy that can just answer the phone and take orders. This guy is an textbook economist without an iota of knowledge or experience of how the world economy operates.

The bottomline remains the same. The Rothschilds are in control and sock puppets like these come and go. I got all worked up over nothing. If they had put a chicken in his place, then it would have been more dangerous. I blame newspapers and the rent-a-quote crowd that praised him to high heavens.

BTW, Shobha De will rue the day when she claimed this fool is going to make the markets sizzle. It is going to be flushed down the toilet. HSBC, Goldman Sachs and others have been talking up the market when there is no reason for any upside. With free money (“Quantitative Easing”) ending, FIIs need to wind up their positions in emerging markets. It will be a bloodbath.