Moral Volcano Fountain Pen Collection – Camlin, Hero 329 (fake Parker from China), LAMY (Germany)

My pen collection.

My pen collection.

Moral Volcano may not believe the climate change propaganda but cares enough for the environment. When I go shopping, I see people buying plastic lunch boxes and plastic water bottles like crazy. Many of these fools are likely to be big on CLIMATE CHANGE hoax. They might say they care about environment but don’t do anything other than regurgitate the propaganda.

When I was a kid, tiffin boxes were all made from stainless steel. (My father re-purposed a toner container for a water bottle though!) Although plastic containers are cheap and better-looking, I have always used steel lunch boxes. Last year, I went in for a steel water bottle too. It is expensive but worth it I think.

A lot of steel containers come from China. Don’t buy them. The US is dumping high-quality but radiation-tainted metals on foreign countries. The cheap stuff you get from China could be made from that. US Department of Energy had also wanted the radioactive scrap metals to be turned into belt buckles and household articles!

I have been using Pilot V5 Hitecpoint pens for years. Its ink can be refilled but its body gets all scratched up before the ink runs out. Luxor, which makes the pen under license in India, also supplies ink refills.

I have always wanted to go back to the Hero 329 Chinese fakes but they break easily and are almost impossible to refill. They are also no longer in production.

So, I just went back to Camlin. This is an Indian brand but some Japanese outfit a controlling stake. (Several other brands have gone to the Japanese – Ranbaxy, Anchor). My Camlin pen has a see-through section which makes it easy to see how much ink still remains.

I also bought a LAMY pen made in Germany. It is expensive. It has advantages of all the pens that I have. The only issue with it is the ink tank, which has a small opening. I use a syringe to fill it with ink! The Camlin pen has no such issues. It is an all-round winner. If I used only the Camlin or LAMY, then there would be no ink smudges. I still use the Hero pens because they feel sad if I ignore them.

I urge everyone to use fountain pens. These use-and-throw plastic pens are bad for the environment.