Modi thinks meeting the US ambassador is a great deal; It is just the beginning of a long period of blackmail; IB has turned over long tapes of Modi to the Americans

Nancy Powell is an accomplished blackmailer. In Pakistan, she prevented Nawaz Sharif from forming government after the elections. Musharaff would not let PML or PPP form the government until this woman was satisfied.

She was also involved in tranferring US government funds to the Taliban.

After Modi becomes PM, he will be under daily blackmail. No Yeshwanth or Jaswanth will be in charge of the economy. No yoga guru either. That would have been too much of a joke anyway.

Raghuram Rajan will bring his chelas from the Chicago mafia and THEY will run the show. Modi and the RSS will quitely put their tails between their legs and watch from the sidelines.

India will quietly transition to the CFR model.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.