Why does Gmail accept messages sent to wrong accounts?

There is a news report which says that a Gmail “glitch” had sent 10,000 email messages to a guy’s Hotmail account.

News report of Gmail misdirecting e-mail messages.

News report of Gmail misdirecting e-mail messages.

I have a gmail account in which I get a lot of email where the spelling of the username is always different. This is because Gmail does not respect dots (.) in the username part of the email. Among them are messages sent by Indian Income Tax department, a depository particpant (stopped after a lot of emails, threats and one phone call), and Dish TV. I get lots of passwords and other confidential information – all of which is intended for somebody else.

I am also getting mail from Narendra Modi. Follower(s) of the Moral Volcano and my many handlers know that I don’t like that politician. The Americans have been busy promoting Modi in Google and Twitter. So, someone signed me up to receive Modi mail. This started sometime after I started writing about that megalomaniac. The mails usually come after I had posted something about Modi. Modi is supposedly strong on National Security but where am I involved in this? Remember, he used anti-terrorist police to spy on a renegade girlfriend. That’s how much he cares about national security!

Google does not want to lose any e-mail messages. At a Bilderberger meeting, Eric Schmidt must have been told that he needs to save all e-mail messages indefinitely (and that he also needs to get phone numbers from users). So, he has ensured that Gmail mail server handshakes are were tweaked to accept mail messages sent to non-existent mailboxes.