Would it be all right if Sarah Silverman was raped? After all, her vagina is out of bounds for the law!

A poster-child for abortion makes fun of Jesus Christ and Christian Americans show the other cheek.

Many Jewish personalities in media and entertainment love making fun of Christians and Christian values. They do it both openly and subversively.

Some time ago, world media was flooded with a report that the late Pope John Paul used to self-flagellate in private. Jews all over the world would have fallen off their chairs when they read it in their morning paper. It was inside joke that only Jews could appreciate almost immediately. Self-flagellation is also a synonym for ma$turbation.

There is another kind of Jews who do it quite openly. They can be extremely nasty. Like this foul-mouthed non-comedian who goes by the name Sarah Silverman. Her scam is to attract attention by acting up. Recently, she released a video with Jesus spouting obscenities and doing outrageous things.

Later, in an interview to MSNBC, she said:

“It’s total hypocrisy,” Silverman said. “I mean, these are people who are anti-big government. And yet they want to make laws about my vagina and what I do with my body. I don’t think that would be tolerated if we started legislating men’s bodies. I mean, the truth is sperm has a sense of smell. That’s just something scientist have known for a decade. That means that sperm is life. And so in my opinion, we’ve got to save those babies. If they’re going to ma$turbate into a shower drain or a gym sock, we’ve got to stop them.”

The law protects life and limb, vaginas included. Sperms are single-celled gametes like amoeba or paramecium. A gamete does not constitute a human life. When a person dies, cells in the brain and heart die immediately. But there are other cells that continue to be alive for sometime, as they consume less energy and have adequate stocks of energy and fluids.

The most hilarious aspect of her argument is the fact that she considers a simple ultrasound scan is too invasive. When the doctors slices the baby in an abortion, is it invasive or not?