R&AW calling up journalists to make MI6 involvement in Operation Bluestar was all about minimizing casualties

Operation Bluestar was all about giving a KhalistanI cover for assassinating Indira Gandhi, who got too uppity for the British after her creation of Bangladesh.

It was R&AW which adviced Indira Gandhi to prop Bhindranwale. Like all good terrorists propped up by the government, he later turned against them.

It was the same thing with Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv got too uppity and got sanctions on South Africa. The Rothschilds decided that he should be killed for having endangered their Debut Beers assets.

R&AW advised Rajiv to send the Indian army to Sri Lanka. It was R&AW which created the LTTE. It was R&AW which denied promised and then denied intelligence to Indian Army. One US official commented that Indian Army should send it’s tanks to R&AW HQ.

Later, the investigation of his assassination was derailed by Intelligence Bureau.