Question: Why do we have TV rating agencies when DTH and cable companies can provide accurate and realtime TV viewership stats? Answer: Ad agencies will no longer be able to scam TV channels & arm-twist them

As revealed in the NDTV suit, TV ratings are provided by a handful of global monopolies. Ad agencies have been ordered to unquestioningly trust the information provided by these rating agencies.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers control global media indirectly via TV rating agencies and ad agencies. (


Ad agencies interfere with every aspect of the content that is shown on our TV channels. They are the ones who demand that more filth be broadcast on TV. They interfere with the editorial of news channels. They are the force behind propagandization of news, celebrity news and sports entertainment – to dumb down the population and keep them distracted from our Fascist system.

Whenever some TV channel or program producer does not fall in line with the dictates of the ad agencies, the TV rating agencies act in sync and depress the numbers of that channel or program.

It need not be this way. DTH operators and now with digitization cable TV providers can tell which TV channels and programmes are getting more viewers.

TV channels can use this information to attract ad revenue. Ad agencies can use the information to ensure that their clients get maximum exposure.

But no, that is not how the Rothschild-controlled world works. And, the Indian government has moved to solidify this control with regulation.

Update (16-January-2014): Am I a real-life Truman Show? Dish TV India has agreed to supply viewership stats to advertisers and content producers. reports that Dish TV has offered to release viewership stats. reports that Dish TV has offered to release viewership stats.

Sample surveys made by TAM and other “rating” agencies are obsolete when actual aggregate data is available.