Is Intelligence Bureau poisoning Arvind Kejriwal water supply?

Intelligence Bureau a-holes are accomplished dumpster divers. Dealing with filth is their trademark. Being an intelligence agent is the sh*ttiest job in the world.
Arvind Kejriwal may have been poisoned.

Arvind Kejriwal may have been poisoned.

The Rothschilds are the main force behind water privatization. It is on the orders of their minions in IMF, World Bank and other multilateral aid agencies order nations, governments and even local town/city councils turn water supply department into a separate entity. This entity is then privatized ostensibly to increase efficiency and to cut down price. In reality though, the opposite happens. Customers get ripped off and the privatized water supply utility wastes money on its owners, employees, and contractors.

Arvind Kejriwal has tried to reverse the time-tested “water reforms” process. This can’t be good for the Rothschilds. This is where the Intelligence Bureau (IB) comes. As noted in the book Who Killed Karkare, IB is a law unto its own. It does not follow community reservation rules and is entirely staffed with members from the upper class. As noted by people like Around Shourie and George Fernandes, the IB spies on everyone. As noted in reported in numerous news reports, IB advises the PM on political matters as well including acts of vengeance on other political parties. An example of this is the murderous attack on yoga guru Ramdev’s dharna in Delhi. Many newspapers reported that it was on the “advice” given by IB to Manmole. So, I wouldn’t put it past them to have obtained Manmole’s approval to systematic harassment of Kejriwal & Co.