PEPSI FOOD BILL will not only wipe out agriculture but destroy all the poor with Ready-To-Eat stuff

I was wondering why they cared so much.

This is really the Pepsi Food Bill. PROCESSED FOOD INDUSTRY are the ones who are going to be benefitted. Pepsi or some Rothschild front is going to be benefited most from this bill.

Bangalore Mirror article

Murli Manhor Joshi of the BJP knows this is a Pepsi Foods Bill.

No wonder Sonia is giddy with excitement. The Soviet-style front-page fake news story on Sonia’s mind in the Times of India is an indication of the scale and swath of the payoff.

TOI report

Times of India reads Sonia’s thoughts.

Thank you, Murli Manohar Joshi for bringing attention to this.

Bangalore Mirror report

The Pepsi food bill is all about ready-to-eat foods from processed food makers.

I guess it was a coincidence that recently a Lancet article urged India to introduce mass distribution of Ready-to-eat foods made specifically by private companies.

NEWSCLIP - DH - Lancet authors tied to food majors insert an article in Lancet


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