Leela Samson rakes in the moolah, even at the Censor Board

Economic and cultural hitmen should be more discreet. Can’t be so openly greedy.

Leela Samson has been featured before in the Moral Volcano Daily Press. She is a cultural hitman or hitwoman. Earlier, she was in charge of the Late Arundale’s dance school Kalakshetra. Ms. Samson had to resign after allegations of corruption, which was corroborated by CAG. Outlook has an article on how she not only changed the social mores of the age-old institution – from letting hostelers engage in clusterf**k to removing idols from dance practice. She also went on such a spending spree that there were more teachers than students.

The woman leading this fight is Teena Sharma. She seems to have her head screwed right, as far as the recent amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act, which allows the divorced women to wipe out the husband financially. Cultural hitmen, who destroyed the institution of marriage in Western Countries, have successfully scored a hit in a developing country.

Teena Sharma is wrongly arguing that nude scenes affect morality. Adults can, by definition, decide for themselves. Government does not have to baby-sit them. It is this argument that her opponents will use.

However, it is illegal to expose minors to indecent or explicit content. If a film features these, it should have been given an Adults Only certificate. By giving U/A certificate, the Censor Board has failed in its statutory duty. It also leads to suspicion that there may have been other “considerations” such as bribes or conflict of interest as Teena Sharma rightly pointed out. In a famous case involving live-in relationships, Justice AP Shah ruled that morality and constitutionality are different. A bad legal precedent will be used to destroy future generations.

BTW, I thought Javed Akthar was a decent guy but what a sellout. I should have known better. After all it was his wife that old$punker$.com wannabe in that movie water or electricity.


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