Why you should not use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other online social networks

Ignoring the metadata threat

You may have nothing to hide. Information on you is usually benign. It is INFORMATION ABOUT YOU that is potentially more devastating.

ET cartoon

Exposing yourself, your family and your friends up for harassment

Only when misfortune strikes, will you realize that you have set yourself up for harrassment.

NEWSCLIP - ET - Social media networks make it easy to harrass you and your circle of friends and family

Making it easy to track your down

You may lose your job. Your pension fund may go bust. It is when you are down that multiple misfortunes strikes you. BECAUSE MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

Facebook will make it very easy for debt collection agents track you down. They will find your friends and family and then harass/embarrass them. Insurance agency wanting to deny your claim or increase your premium. Intelligence agencies looking for a patsy for the next false-flag operation might think you are a good candidate. Amway agents might lure you into their pyramid schemes …

Let them do some work and get out of their office before they can reach you.

Acting As Unpaid Agents Of The Police State

In the heydays of blogs, globalist pests were getting all worked up. Blogs bypassed traditional truth-censoring controls established at great cost. THE SLAVES WERE WAKING UP. Many of the blogs were anonymous and the commentators were even difficult to trace. They had to defeat it.

There had to be a way to make the slaves volunteer information about themselves, friends, families, likes, dislikes, etc. Make all their online activities completely traceable. GET THEM TO SHARE THEIR PHONE NUMBERS SO THEY CAN BE TRACKED BY THE MINUTE. Encourage everyone to put their data on “the cloud” so that nothing can be hidden. After all, if you are not doing anything illegal, there Is no need to be afraid. The answer was SOCIAL MEDIA.

Comments on this blog are moderated by government agents. The Moral Volcano Essential Reading List will explain why.

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