Perverted directors forcing actors to don female roles in India too?

Globalists in Hollywood do this to promote cross-dressing and thereby homosexualism. ANYTHING to reduce the population.

Here is Dave Chappelle explaining how black actors are forced to dress up as women.

From the Informer:

Chappelle told Oprah that while filming “Blue Streak” with Martin Lawrence, he walked into his trailer and there was a dress hanging there. He says he thought he was in the wrong trailer until the producer walked in and told him they had adjusted the script and in the next scene Lawrence’s character would break him out of jail, but he would have to be dressed as a prostitute.

Chappelle adamantly refused. He said the producer left and then the director came in and said, “We really would like you to wear the dress.” He still refused. He said this went on for 15 or 20 minutes. When they saw that he was not going to wear the dress no matter what, Dave explained that they came right back with a new script in about five minutes.

That along with feeling of the pressure to deliver self inflicted jokes on black people for white people made Chappelle think hard about continuing another season of his beloved, “Chappelle Show,” and he walked away, but not without leaving something to be thought about.

Almost every major black actor at some point in their careers has had to wear a dress or play a flamboyant homosexual before they really made strides in Hollywood. Is it a subliminal message aimed at our black youth?


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