Like Mother Teresa, Mandela’s public image got a makeover after a PR stunt

The traitor who let the Rothschild keep their diamond mines and other assets (ie most of SA’s GDP) intact. He transitioned from a Communist/terrorist to democrat thanks to a propaganda compaign. The US kept him on a list of terrorists for years after he become South African PM. In the years that he was President of South Africa and afterwards, black populations of Africa has been ravaged by AIDS (the symptoms are allegedly similar to asbestosis caused at De Beers diamond mines) and his government has refused to subsidize retro-viral drugs for poor patients. It was Medicins Sans Borders that first sought generic AIDs drugs from India to treat black populations in South Africa.

DH report on the Mandela makeover

From Abraham Lincoln to Mandela to Obama, manipulating the memory of the past is the prime objective of the globalists.

The De Beers diamond mines were originally in the lands of the Dutch Boers. A Rothschild stooge named Cecil Rhodes unleashed a scorched earth policy and mercilessly killed thousands of Dutch people. Rhodes also established the world’s first concentration camps with the captured Boers. After the Boers were defeated, Cecil Rhodes made a huge fortune for the Rothschilds with his dimaond mines. Not surprisingly, after his death, like many other Rothschilds, his assets were transferred to the Rothschild. He also established the Rhodes Scholarship, whose alumni has produced world leaders such as Bill Gates and the current Australian PM Abbot. Rhodes money was also used to establish the Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR) whose members have staffed every US White House administration since the time of Dwight Eisenhower (famous for his warning about the Military-Industrial Complex). In one of his many wills, Rhodes laid the foundation of the CFR and expected it to provide a World Government under the leadership of Britain (or rather the Rothschilds).

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