My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love

Freemasons in politics and entertainment

Soviet President liplocks with Erich Honecker and so does Gorbachev. The Beatles pose with dismembered baby dolls. A spanking freemasonic ritual.

The “fraternal” kiss is a prominent well-known gesture in Freemasonry. Inside the Freemason lodges, it goes much beyond this – from “Brotherly Love” (pretty common) and human and baby sacrifices (unusual but not rare). All of these rituals are derived from ancient Palestine where they were part of mainstream Jewish culture. Main occupation of ancient Jews was brigandry, slave trade, and prostitution. Homosexualism was widespread in ancient Palestine – The Sodom and Gomorrah and many other tales and chapters in the Jewish Bible (also in Old Testament) testify to that. It was all given a religious color over time – most of it was ended up in the Talmud, which is the other holy book used by Jewish rabbis. When Jewish leaders established secret orders and societies, these practices were given new forms. Today, we see them everywhere – from politics to entertainment – everywhere.

Present-day Jews get all worked up over these claims. It is not really their fault. Brigandry was not the monopoly of Jews. The Bedouins lived off it for a long time. In India, we had the notorius Thuggees.

Many people assume Jews to be monotheistic. Even Jews believe that. Inside Jewry, there are many groups. They have polytheists, devil worshipers and Satanists. I initially thought this was a bogus allegation thrown by people who hate Jews. It is not.

In early zeros, the Israeli government was forced to evict Jewish squatters from illegal settlements on Palestinian land. It was a big issue that deeply divided Israeli society. In this time, the chief of an Israeli intelligence agency said that many of the squatters were devil worshippers and satanists. He said that these people cannot be reasoned with and that a civil war was a possibility if the issue was not properly handled.

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