Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther

BOOKCOVER - Jews and Their Lies - Martin Luther

Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant religion, was responsible for the greatest split in Christianity. He claimed he was appalled by and forced to act against corruption in the Vatican and Catholic Church.

He had also written a rather politically incorrect book about the Jews called Jews and Their Lies. In his time, he took the trouble to befriend some Jewish rabbis. They revealed to him that they have little use for the Old Testament and rely entirely on the Talmud for guidance. They also explained various aspects of Talmudism that more or less dictated the direction in which Jewish communities were governed inside their closeted worlds.

My guess is all print editions are out of print. Most Protestant churches avoid any mention of it. Some guy has taken the trouble of scanning the book and posting a PDF copy. I have uploaded it to ScribD for your reading pleasure.

It has been alleged that Martin Luther was a Freemason and his attack on Catholic Church and Papacy was in line with one of the most well-known but unstated goals of Freemasonry – destruction of religious belief, particularly that of Christianity.

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