Club Of Rome fan club

The Club of Rome is a 40-year-old organization formed by wealthy industrialists. These old geezers owe their fortunes to the Rothschilds. As part of the payback, they have been asked to find ways to reduce the power of people and increase the power of the state. Their stated aims are often couched on Globalese® but don’t let that fool you. The following paragraph is from their website:

The aims of the Club of Rome are: to identify the most crucial problems which will determine the future of humanity through integrated and forward-looking analysis; to evaluate alternative scenarios for the future and to assess risks, choices and opportunities; to develop and propose practical solutions to the challenges identified; to communicate the new insights and knowledge derived from this analysis to decision-makers in the public and private sectors and also to the general public and to stimulate public debate and effective action to improve the prospects for the future.

John Coleman, a former MI6 officer, has written a book on Committee of 300 in which I think he names several Rothschild organizations including the Club of Rome. He went to the East India Company archives and found voluminous evidence tying Rothschilds and other prominent British families with drug trade and the Opium Wars in China. It is all very interesting but very long. Read the book.

When Google released its browser named Chrome, the online IT tabloid The Register noticed the similarity of its logo with that of the Club of Rome.

Recently, there was news that Microsoft had redesigned (or flattened) its logo. Ebay was also reported to have modified its logo. I did not notice it before. Both of these companies use the Club of Rome colors. I should mention that the Club Of Rome no longer uses these colors or the logo any more.

® – Globalese is registered trademark of Moral Volcano. It refers to the Rothschild-inspired propaganda related to “globalization” or global slavery.


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