TV Viewership Rating Companies Acting As Proxies For Buyout Firms


NDTV has filed a suit in New York allaging that television viewership rating companies such as AC Neilson are manipulating the numbers. Many news outfits have reported the news but none of them have mentioned the allegations against rating companies acting as proxies for buyout firms. The Outlook story The Boobed Tube is an example. It seems that only Economic Times (NDTV sues Nielsen, Kantar Media Research for tampering viewership data; 1-8-2012; has come found the courage to do this.

Here is the quote:

In its 194-page lawsuit, NDTV claims that it had confronted Nielsen with evidence of data manipulation, including taped meetings with TAM India employees, which showed that they were willing to tamper data for bribes. Nielsen, according to NDTV, had admitted in meetings and through emails that its data was indeed being manipulated and that it was willing to address the issue by July 1, 2012.

NDTV says that Nielsen continued to publish these ratings despite repeated demands to stop distribution of TAM TV ratings until the sample size was increased and a proper security mechanism was put in place.

The broadcaster has charged Nielsen and Kantar with “operating worldwide through a deliberately complex web of subsidiaries and joint ventures, creating, at least in India, a monopoly and abusing the power of that monopoly.”

It has also called the Nielsen board of directors “proxies for the world’s largest and most powerful group of corporate takeover specialists (referred to herein and in Nielsen’s 2011 Annual Report as ‘Sponsors’)” and alleged that they took this approach to “‘cash out,’ as part of the typical leveraged buyout ‘exit strategy,’ making billions of dollars in profits.”

Among the sponsors of Nielsen are KKR, The Blackstone Group, The Carlyle Group, Thomas H. Lee Partners, Alpinvest Partners, Hellman & Friedman and Centerview Partners. These sponsors, however, have not been made defendants in the suit.

The bigger conspiracy in this is the Rotshchild-Rockefeller plan to eliminate all forms of competition. They want control of everything. They have already achieved complete control of Western media. They are now targeting Indian media. Prepare for a new wave of consolidation, buyouts, and sellouts in the Indian media.

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