Dish TV Mass-Mails Its Customer List To All Of Its Customers

Recently, I got a mail from Dish TV touting its second-connection offer. Just when I was going to delete the mail, I noticed that it had an XLS attachment. Inside the attachment were the email addresses of nearly 11,500 Dish TV India customers, including me.

Dish TV India's Mass-Mailing SNAFU

Dish TV mails all its customers a list of all its customers.

So, I sent them a mail.


You seem to have mailed a list of all your customers to all your customers.

I wish you had exercised more care with our information.

In response, they sent me a response that showed even more carelessness and irresponsibility. This sort of response is the hallmark of Indian bureaucracy, not corporate India.

Appalling response from the Dish TV

The height of irresponsibility?

What have they got against the use of pronouns. Are they asking me to regret and apologise?

Just when I thought Dish TV customer service had improved, they are doing this.

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