How NWO Pests Ruin Everything They Touch

New World Orders pests are everywhere. When something good appears, pothead followers of the Rothschilds go over there and ruin it.

Crysis 2

When the Turkish Yerli brothers released the game Crysis, people were stunned. Crysis was unlike anything gamers had seen before. It was unthinkable that such realism and AI could appear in a game.

However, good things don’t last in a world infested with New World Order pests. They had to ruin it. When Crysis 2 appeared, the realism and AI were gone. It was no longer an open-world game. The lush-green landscape had been replaced with a dull and depressing concrete jungles of New York City. Everything is grey or black.

Typical NWO-obsessions such as zombies and plagues dominate the storyline. Unlike the previous game where you charted your own course, Crysis 2 forced you to do what the game told you to do. The game engine was deliberately dumbed down so that same code could be ported to platforms with underdeveloped graphics and computing ability such as Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBox. Reportedly, Crysis 2 was made this way to attract lame fools who like to play dumb do-what-you-are-told-to-do games such as Call Of Duty. As NWO fools are big on mind-programming, the player is also treated like a dog. Players are rewarded if they collect some knick knacks along the way. NWO likes obedience from you. You don’t do your own thing. They make this very clear. The first thing you see on starting the game is their all-seeing eye. It is a clear indicator that the game has been taken over.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo was a great cartoon when Van Partible brought introduced it on Cartoon Network. It was great. There was nothing like it on TV. Johnny Bravo appealed to everyone. Sadly, it wouldn’t last long. Van Partible was out and NWO fools came in. After a seasons, the series was canned.

NGC, History Channel, Discovery

After the advent of cable TV, the choice of channels exploded. To ensure adequate audience strength, TV program producers created mother-in-law vs. daughter-in-law tear-jerker serials and film-oriented programmes. The only thing that prevented you from throwing a brick at the TV were channels like National Geographic Channel, Discovery, and later the History Channel. Unfortunately, Rupert Murdoch took over National Geographic and History Channel. The great wildlife-based documentaries went out and were replaced with programmes where you saw a lot of humans – the same creatures that made you detest other channels. In David Attenborrough documentaries, you rarely see him interacting with animals. That kind of films are out. Now, a wildlife programme is not complete if you do not see a man jumping on a crocodile or harrasing a snake or biting an carcass.
Even the death of Steve Irwin did nothing to sap other pretenders like Jeff Corwin making fools of themselves. Voice commentary also has suffered. Calm dignified tones have been replaced with more cocky AXN-style cacophonous voices.


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