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PLEASE NOTE: The original No Agenda Show article has been removed, as I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS SHOW ANYMORE. The show has the feel of a US defence department honeypot program. I still recommend the show as it does educate new listeners on how to break down mainstream media propaganda and identify ulterior motives.

The US government is the biggest manufacturer of conspiracy theories and US mainstream media and news agencies are the biggest disseminators of these “official” conspiracy theories.

A significant section of the American public is aware of this propaganda and they actively seek alternative sources of news and information. To bring the lost flock back into their reality-distortion field, the US government has hired many conspiracy theorists outside the mainstream media. (US government agencies including the Defence and “State” departments have a propaganda budget running into hundreds of billions dollars. Thousands of government workers are employed solely on propaganda purposes meant to influence the public and lawmakers. At any point in time, there are hundreds of journalists, if not thousands, hanging out in the various offices in the Pentagon. (Despite that, there were not many first-person accounts of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. That’s how free the American Kremlin is.))

These government-sponsored conspiracy theorists work with varying levels of sophistication. The aim is to feed disinformation to skeptics so that the latter will be laughed out if they ever choose to spread these theories outside their charmed circle of friends and family.

The government-sponsored conspiracy theorists also help in identifying those who are engaged countering government propaganda. Depending on the threat perception, the US government will deploy government agents and even friends and family in monitoring/harassing these individuals.
Adam Curry regularly solicits insider information, particularly from “sysadmins” (computer systems administrators). Anyone sending privileged information to the Show can be traced back, put under surviellance and/or subject to harrassment by their government. (If you absolutely need send the show some secret information, send the e-mail anonymously.) Curry claims that he hosts his e-mail server in his own home and it can handle PGP mail. For a novice, this may sound as if any e-mail to his server is protected from interception. In reality, any connection to his e-mail server can be traced back to the computer from which the mail originated. After that, it is only matter of bugging that computer. Even Curry’s computer can be bugged or his PGP key can be copied.
I was about to put some ads in local newspapers (Bangalore) for the show when I decided to do some due diligence. So, I started an e-mail conversation with Adam Curry where I got him worked up so much that he strongly asserted that he will not stop talking about TSA x-ray machines until they were gone. But, when I suggested that he raise the question why passengers in private aircraft were not being checked, there was silence. So, it looked like he did not want the Rockefellers and Rothschilds of the world groped at private airfields. If passengers of private aircraft were also to be screened, then it would have put an end to the groping and x-ray machines.) This also inspired me to write a fake news article for TheSpoof.com titled “Naked Body Scanners Out, Anal Probes In,” says TSA.) http://www.thespoof.com/spoof-news/us/89866/naked-body-scanners-out-anal-probes-in-says-tsa

In many of his podcasts, you will find Curry promoting U.S. Congress member Ron Paul.

Ron Paul and his family are reportedly associated with secret societies controlled by the Rothschilds. (In Arab countries, the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations performs the role of Freemasonry.) Freemasonry’s roadmap for humanity is somewhat like this:

Monarchy/Vatican »
Republicanism//Socialism/Dictatorship/Communism/Democracy/Anarchy/Civil War »
World War III/Nuclear Holocaust/Global Epidemic » World Government

The Rothschilds seek to eliminate the concept of sovereign nation states and are trying to establish a worldwide dictatorship. Ron Paul’s job is to take all those who are opposed to the two establishment parties and then dump them in the sea. American voting machine manufacturers are Rothschild fronts. Like in the banking industry, ownership has changed so many hands. The American election system is anyway designed to keep out non-conformists. https://web.archive.org/web/20150325221921/http://aftermathnews.wordpress.com/2008/04/22/ron-paul-and-freemasonry/

If anyone with brains does some research into the many conspiracies against humanity, it is only a matter of time before he/she concludes that Unlimited Money or the Rothschilds are at the root of all evil. But, almost all self-styled truth-seekers ignore the Rothschilds or underplay their role. The Rothschilds are mentioned once in a while (almost apologetically) but they are never identified as the true purveyors of all evil on earth. Like all government-sponsored conspiracy theorists, the show hosts regularly mention the elites but rarely name them.

State-sponsored conspiracy theorists tend to talk a lot about aliens. This is done to poison people’s mind so that they look really stupid if they start propagating any of these ideas. Conspiracies exist but aliens don’t, at least not on earth. When Europeans landed in America, they didn’t hide behind bushes or perform unsolicited anal exams (like those aggressive homosexuals from Pentagon/NASA). No, Europeans raped, pillaged and ransacked Indian nations. They brutally and systematically killed a majority of the population. The rest were dispossessed of their wealth and converted to Christianity. Their history was rewritten and their glory defiled beyond recognition. If aliens can travel the distance, they would have already done so and made their presence felt. It is the vastness of space, which has prevented them.

Many of the conspiracy theories that Adam Curry promotes are originally taken off Disinfopedia.com. Despite the give-away name, some people are so dumb that they believe all that junk and repost it on other websites. Curry dredges up this information (or someone feeds it to him) and he serves it to all his unwitting listeners. Curry also thinks EU Times run by “Sorcha Faal” is a real news organization. It is not. For example, in February 2011, EU Times wrote a story about Russian “Space Forces” and attributed it to a Russian language website. I went to the website and checked their English version and found it to be that of a Russian company supplying equipment to aluminium and glass industries! No Agenda Show is surely the best podcast in the Universe. https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/moral-volcano-erupts-again/#sorcha_faal_eu_times

Curry, by his own admission, comes from a family with many members who have a “security background”. His uncle was an ambassador to North Korea. He is currently married to a Dutch actress named Micky Hoogendijk. She fits the profile of being his handler. (Her first husband lost both his legs when a grenade exploded in their car. Nobody was charged with the crime.) In one No Agenda Episode, Curry mentions that her uncle was a Commie who admitted that he and his other Commie friends feel that a global epidemic, rather than a World War, would be a more tolerable way to reduce the world population. Other than this, I know nothing other than this about Ms. Micky. I’ve been to her blog once and she seemed like an extremely very nice person. Unfortunately, she also reminds me of the Wikipedia editor “SlimVirgin” who was unmasked as Linda Mack alias Sarah McEwan. (http://wayback.archive.org/web/20120105211717/http://berletwatch.freehostia.com/virgin.htm) Why? I am not sure but it maybe because I had read the Le Carre novel “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold”. (BTW, Wikipedia, “the book of knowledge” was founded with seed money from a porn site (Bomis.com and nakked.info) founded by its “co-founder” Jimmy Wales. Rockefellers stooges sit on the board of the Wikimedia Foundation. Rockefellers also control the Encyclopedia Britannica – the paperwork shows a string of different owners, just like the voting machine companies.) I am not comfortable about this particular accusation. I am mentioning this just for the record though we may learn more about it in future. I really hope Curry and Mickey are not agents of the New World Order. That is also why I sent them my best wishes when they got hitched. So, please don’t read too much into this particular point and as Bugs Bunny would say I might be wrong you know.

Some of the jokes that Curry and Dvorak make about “donors/producers” seem to be like “inside baseball jokes”, based on profiles built by security agencies.

Curry often makes fun of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones but still says he listens to him regularly (for his guests, he says). After listening to Jones, I felt that most of the material on No Agenda has had its origin in Alex Jones Show and the InfoWars website. In one episodes, Curry confessed to have bought a flouride water filter from “one of the survivalist shows.” This was despite the fact that he trashes Jones for selling such items.

I am still investigating (like Dvorak, no ETA on this) at which time Dvorak became a Rockefeller/Standard Oil media asset – not much of an asset considering that he predicted Apple would never make much out of its entry in to the phone business and certainly not beat Nokia http://www.marketwatch.com/story/apple-should-pull-the-plug-on-the-iphone. He has also been to University of California, Berkeley, which he himself claims is “spook central”. Dvorak writes in a fashion similar to Gail Omvedt, an economic hitman or hitwoman from University of Berkeley.
Both of these bastards steal my material on a regular basis. Almost every episode these days has a reference to something I have posted on my blog. Once in a while, I may publish more thoughts on the show on my blog. You can find them at https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/tag/no-agenda-show/. You can also subscribe to the tag feed https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/tag/no-agenda-show/feed/ if you like to use a feed-reader application.

The purpose behind using government-sponsored conspiracy theorists seems to two-fold. When the Rothschild-Rockefellers are in control, conspiracy theorists help governments acquire the names of potential troublemakers. If despite all the trouble that the elites have taken and by some freakish circumstance, the edifice breaks down, then these G-men could depended up on to calm down the roiled masses and help the elites pick up the pieces and put the police state back in its place of power.
Coincidence? I think not!


This screenshot was taken before I put the word “conspiracy” in the early version of this article. America.gov has been retired by the US government.