Punishment For Rape


Jaime Pressly Seems To Show The Way

AK-47 assault rifles are a proven success in
protecting buns with guns. Arm all women with assault rifles. Let each woman
kill a man a day. Soon, all men will be dead. Will women be safe then? No,
women will be raping each other next. At that time, sanity will kick in and
punishment will be deemed disproportionate.

The treatment that our society gives to rape requires drastic change.
Instead of considering rape as a form of physical assault, unnecessary emotional baggage is added to it.
In our stupid feature films, if a woman is raped, she has to commit suicide.
Or, worse, marry the rapist (if it is the hero guy).
But real rape victims cannot commit suicide or marry the rapist!

Sadly, our society places a high high value on a woman’s character.
Feminist propaganda does not help either. The lesbians want death sentence
for rapists, making it incumbent on rapists to also kill their victims!

Death sentence is itself wrong because it provides the State with the
power to legally murder an individual.

Women’s activists portray rape as some kind of unbelievably horrible crime
that is simply beyond human nature. Flawless as they are made up to be,
women DO commit serious crimes. Or, don’t they?

It is usually a woman who harrases her daughter-in-law for more dowry.
Many a woman has handed over the matchbox when her son douses his wife with
kerosene. And who do you think snuffs the life out newborn girl
children? WOMEN!!!

Maybe that’s why they are asking for death sentences for rapists. Isn’t it
ironic that foreign terrorists who come to India and kill our people get
away with less. How about death sentence for corrupt politicians and
government officials. Will our politicians support such a measure?

And, the women activists keep on asking when all women will be safe.
It is an incredibly stupid question!
Will households ever be safe from burglars?
Burglaries will occur just as some marriages will end in divorces.
Rapes will occur just as some murders are going to be committed.
Deviancy is part of any society.
You cannot eliminate it.

What needs to be done is ensuring speedy justice;
not just for rape but for all crimes.
Instead, a fuss is created.
Names are published.
Photos are printed.
In the end, the victim wishes she did not have to survive the trauma.
Should not rape victims be able to recover from the incident like from a
minor road accident?
More than the actual crime itself, it is the way society receives the victim
that seems to have a lasting effect.