India Is A Failed State

Blog ban? Big deal! Government switched off all mobiles in J&K.

Manmohan Singh recently took money from the U.S. to use his intelligence setup in Nepal to create a people’s revolution against King Gyanendra.
Revolution was a success – for the Maoists that is.
Everyone else – Nepali people and political parties, and for their trouble India and the US – lost.
Now, the Maoists are poised to establish their dream of a “corridor” stretching from the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea.
Our pseudo commies, the Left, has been a big facilitator.
Why did Singh agree to this?
The Americans played on his vanity and convinced him that India had was an island of stability in a region littered with failed states.
A number of strategically placed studies, research papers, and newspaper articles were used to buttress this idea.

Isn’t this ironical?
In Bihar, hundreds of Maoists sacked a jail and looted the armoury.
Large parts of Andhra Pradesh continue to be out of bounds for the State, as thanks for Maoists “cooperation” to the Congress during the state elections, which brought down Chandrababu Naidu.
Ditto for much of central India.
Unable to fight Maoists on their own, the government has pitted tribals against tribals (Salwa Judum).
It is a colossal failure.
Tribals are being mass-murdered.
The Prime Minister has promised all help.
The useless fellow means nothing.

In the North East, Kuki outfits were raised to fight Naga terrorists.
This went on for a while until the Kukis started shooting at the government for perceived lack of support and partiality.
Army then had to fight both Kuki and the Naga outfits.
While peaceful protestors like those of the Narmada Bachao Andolan are treated with disdain, the government is not averse to dispatch the Prime Minister to swell locations like Davos or London for “talks” with leaders of Naga terrorist outfits.
Bureacrats like Padmanabhiah, military officials, and intelligence operatives handle large amounts of cash without any accountability.
Terrorism in Nagaland is self-financing because the government has taken into its rolls a large section of the population.
These employees do no work but have to pay “taxes” to different terrorist outfits.
Apart from the “government” of the terrorists, a parallel form of government consisting of tribal leaders which works under the sole guidance of American Christian churches is running with legal sanction.
As a result, an elected state government if there is one is powerless.
There is little economic activity and no tax collection.
Entire state runs on funds from the Centre.
As in Nagaland, in other states in the North East, former leaders of terrorist organisations were invited to form government.
It not only destroyed the authority of the State but also failed to restore peace.

In Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), hundreds of youth were tortured in interrogation centres with fancy names like Papa II.
Smart a$$es in the military have been imitating what British troops did in Malaya during the World War – a “scorched earth” policy.
This policy subjected on our own citizens has played well into the hands of Pakistan, U.S. and China.
Almost every family in Kashmir has a member lost to terrorism.
Right or not, invariably, they all blame the central government.
For the thousands who had died or disappeared, there is no official explanation.

The leading LTTE idealogue indirectly confesses to the killing of Rajiv Gandhi on a national TV network.
Yet, supporters of LTTE continue to be in government.
Sonia Gandhi, the foriegn-born widow of the late Indian statesman has nothing to say about it.
Her “patriotism” to her adopted country and “loyalty” to her late husband’s memory remains an unsolved mystery.

List of Blogs Banned by Government of India

That our babus are not a tech savvy lot is no big revealation.
But that does not stop our equally tech-stupid journalists from making fun of the babus – a clear case of pot calling the kettle black.
It was after several articles that they meandered to crux of the problem.
Anyway, here is the list of websites that were blocked by the government on 13 July.

If the sites are blocked, they can be viewed on proxy services such as or
I have no idea how faithful sites such as these are about protecting privacy.
It is quite possible that some of these sites have been put up by the same people who placed the censors or are some nice folks who found a convenient way to spy.
(The forms in my websites are suffering a deluge of form spam.
I suspect that companies who sell software designed to minimize comment form spam are behind it.)
The Google Cache is a nice way of bypassing any kind of restrictions.

The DOT order was fine except for the flaw in the case of website.
The list has the URL of a single web page from the site.
This would have caused confusion about whether the ban was in relation to the specified URLs or subdomains or whole websites.
Many ISPs, led by BSNL, took the last option.
Thus, the entire domain became inaccessible instead of just the subdomains mentioned in the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) order.
Interestingly, the publishing window was still available.
So, bloggers could continue to post articles but not view them.
This was similar to the situation that prevails in Pakistan.
Not that ISI is overrated; like the CIA, they merely specialise in what-the-butler-saw or what’s-in-the-trash spying – undeniably $hittiest jobs in the world.

Recently, I was surpised to find what I thought an imitation Moral Volcano on a site called
It turned out that it was a censor-bypassing proxy server put by Pakistani bloggers.
I thought, “Oh, well, Pakistan is a banana republic.”