Suzanna Arundhati Roy Threatens India’s Soveriegnity

Self-proclaimed “independent nation” (Total population: 1) interfering with our internal/external affairs. Ahem… Traditional cheerleaders of Bush are now engaging in a chorus of criticism, ostensibly to set the stage for the next Republican party presidential candidate. Bush is being thrown away like a used rag. So, I feel the need to give Bush some Moral support. We need more people like Ms. Roy.

George Bush is probably aiming to be the sweetest person in the world. Shortly after being accorded a grand ceremonial welcome at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the US President thanked his hosts for “arranging good weather.” How can anyone have the heart to organize protests against such a swell guy? Beats me!

George Bush was a state guest. He came to India after an invitation from Manmohan Singh.
If Indian people were against a Bush visit, then our protests should have been directed against Singh. After having invited Bush on our own, we have no right to protest. No matter who it was, we should be welcome our hosts with open arms.
Maybe in the U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney’s case we could use open firearms*. If we treat our guests like this, it reflects bad on us as hosts. India has always been known for its hospitality. We believe in Adhithi Devoh Bhavaah. Everyone from the Greeks, Afghans and Mongols to the British and later the Chinese met with no opposition when they entered India. Ghazni took our Peacock throne and the Kohinoor diamond and went to Persia. Indian government has decided not to claim it back in the interests of good friendly relations with Iran. On its part, the grateful Iranian government has published “history,” which claims that both articles were of Iranian origin, that Indians stole them, and it was Ghazni who bravely restored it back to Iran!

Arundhathi Roy, who claimed she had seceded from India and subsequently consituted a breakaway “independent nation,” has taken offence to Bush coming to India and laying flowers on Gandhi’s memorial in Rajghat. Actually, the event can only have a positive effect.
Bush is so away from reality that the irony of the situation might just wake him up. Bush is just a puppet in the hands of the so-called neocons lobby led by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Attacking Bush is just unreasonable. It only shows how uninformed people are about the U.S.

Paul Wolfowitz, who was the real architecht of the Iraq war, visited India recently in his new assignment as World Bank president. No protests were organised. He hit the same spots as Bush but met with no protests. Interestingly, it seems that the U.S. aid goes to certain showcase projects just so that visiting dignitaries will have something in the way of photo-ops (photo oppurtunities). Mother Teresa’s charity homes follow a similar strategy. Not every poor or needy person can get from help from them. Most of the people who ask help are simply redirected to government facilities and other charity institutions. But the worst cases, the kinds that look soon-to-be dead or unbelievably depressing ones, are taken in. So, when rich visitors come to visit, the gloomy atmosphere moves them so much that they have no trouble whipping out their cheque books. Had there been a happy atmosphere inside Mother Teresa’s home, donations would be hard to come by and people like Princess Diana will have nothing to show.

And, are Indian people really against Bush visit? Going by the Letters to the Editor column in The Hindu, people working in the software industry are perturbed by Roy’s article, particularly when scores of Indians wait outside U.S. consulates to get a visa to the U.S.
However, there is no logic in their reasoning. Bush is just an incumbent President. Nobody has to love Bush if they have to love America.
Not even Americans. Just as American citizens and companies do business in India, Indians and Indian companies find work in the U.S.
In any case, globalization was their idea. If they don’t like it, they can withdraw from the world and we can withdraw from theirs.

If the protests prevented Bush from coming to India, ordinary Americans will take it personally. In any country, the average voter is a moron. And, the U.S. is no exception. In particular, Americans think attacks on Americans assets are motivated by feelings of jealousy. It never reaches them that it is the presence of their troops and their actions that causes so much disaffection. Israel is a financially insolvent state.
Its economy is being propped with aid money from the U.S, much of which remains unaccountable. When Israeli military launches attacks on Palestinians homes, it is the U.S., which is held responsible.

* – Twisted Tales of Shakespeare

† – Baby Bush go home (Guardian, UK)


  1. Shyam Kashyap: Couldn’t agree more!
  2. Moral Volcano: I liked this in your articleMany networks in the US prepared programs about India as part of their coverage of the Bush tour. The way the media put it, “Before call centers came to India, Indians were dying on the streets. Their economy sucked. … Suddenly, call centers came. Outsourced projects started… Today their markets are bustling with activity….” The American view of the world always seems to veer in the direction of self-congratulation. Everything in the world is thanks to them, except the bad stuff for which someone else has take the blame. Nobody had any brains until Americans came and told them how to do things.