Darlings Of The West – I

Under pressure from Zionists, Reza Pahlavi has been adopted by the U.S. government as the head of a future democratic regime that is expected to be put in place in Iran after overthrowing the current dispensation of the mullahs. However, by “democratic regime”, one must not think that Reza Pahlavi will have to contest elections. No, that would put an effective test of his popularity. The American government is afraid of real democracy. Their guy does not stand a chance. Pahlavi will return only as a monarch – the uncontested ruler in perpetuity. Big Oil hates uncertainity.

Washington is extremely upset. Iran has dared to conduct elections. Worse, they did that when the whole world was watching. How dare they? The American government has carefully projected an image of Iran being ruled by crazy mullahs, who have absolutely no respect for democracy. Presidential elections conducted last week has destroyed all that. In frustration, Bush had described the election as “an exercise in futility” because Iran’s real power rests with the nonelected Islamic clerics, who can override the president and parliament. Iranian dissidents* theorised that people in Iran were fed up with the regime and were going to boycott the elections. Western media, which has been very conservative in covering Iraq war protests in their own countries, showed none of those inhibitions when dealing with dubious demonstrations by Iranian groups.

Next, it was the turn of “Iran experts” in the Western media to predict a low voter turnout. Almost 63% of eligible voters cast their votes. In India and in the U.S., voter turnouts are always around 50%. The experts also opined that a low voter turnout would turn out to be a big embarrassment for the ruling theocracy. Reality however has turned out a big embarrassment for the doubting West. Iran’s spy chief Ali Yunesi said, “I say to Bush: ‘Thank you.’ He motivated people to vote in retaliation.”

Now, why would Bush say bad things about Iranian elections? The conservatives in Iran have been doing what they could to prevent U.S. from bankrolling politicians and then take over the country’s oil wealth. Experiences in Russia, Yugoslavia, Georgia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc., have shown that the U.S. is willing to pump millions of dollars in campaign funds and buy election outcomes wholesale. The candidates promoted by the Americans serve foreign interests than those of their electorate. Iran has a lot of oil and the United States is like a wolf that wants to gobble it all up. Iran’s conservatives have done the best they could do given the circumstances they were in.

CNN sought out Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah of Iran, to denounce the Iranian regime and the elections. The choice is very odd and a very disgusting one too. Reza Pahlavi is the son of the late Shah of Iran.

The Shah was a widely despised monarch. Iran was a pioneer in democracy in the Middle East but its elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh was overthrown by the American CIA and the British MI6 in a coup. The coup restored the Shah to power. Mossadegh had nationalised the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and had earned the ire of the West. Shah of Iran was more accommodative in letting the West plunder Iranian oil wealth and had became a symbol of foreign exploitation. The Shah’s secret service SAVAK was involved in the torture and execution of thousands of political prisoners, suppression of dissent, and alienation of the religious masses. The United States reinforced its position as the Shah’s protector and supporter, sowing the seeds of the anti-Americanism. The Islamic Revolution led by the Ayotollah Khomenei overthrew the Shah, who later died in exile in France.

Reza Pahlavi lives in the U.S. and even served in the U.S. military as a pilot. Today, he is the leading spokesman for sanctions against Iran. American legislators, whose campaign funds are supported by Israeli and Jewish organisations, are not averse to addressing Reza Pahlavi as “Your Majesty” – sad for a country whose founding fathers decided that the head of state should be addressed simply as “the President of the United States”, shorn of any royal pretensions. Pehlavi also says that Iran does not need nuclear power and that it is attempting uranium enrichment only to attack Israel with nuclear bombs. This is interesting for two reasons. One – no real Iranian cares for Isreal. Two – because nuclear research has universal support in Iran. Even Pahlavi’s own father had had been a great supporter of nuclear research. Thanks to this, Iran has been involved in nuclear development for several decades now. Besides that, Iran’s internal oil consumption is expected soar so much that in the near future oil Iran will become a net importer. If this is the case, would anyone who is really interested in Iran’s interest advocate sanctions? Only Reza Pahlavi would.

That is why the CNN, the BBC, Newsweek, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal think Reza Pahlavi has an important viewpoint on Iranian politics. Anyone who has any doubts of the Zionist stanglehold on Western media can do some introspection now.


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This is not the first time CNN gets it wrong. When elections in Iraq were around the corner, the CNN predicted big wins for the likes of Iyyad Allawi and Adnan Pachachi. Why would the CNN put its credibility on the line unless they were reading a script written by the American government? Why else would scum like Reza Pahlavi be speaking on behalf of the Iranian people?

News organisations like the CNN mislead their audience about Iran. Tehran is a very urbanised city. Everyone drives cars – man, woman, kid and dog. In fact, Tehran has one of the highest density of cars in the world. People living in urban areas, particularly the youth, are clamouring for greater freedom and relaxation of curbs that have been placed in the name of religion. The conservatives are always at war with these people. They try very hard to keep people away from what they see as the decadence of the West. When European football matches are shown on TV, the spectators will be seen wearing winter clothes even when the matches are held in summer. It is a subtle editing work by the censors. The conservatives have tried to ban TV satellite dishes but it did not work. Here is an incident reported by Indian journalist who went to the Tehran Indian embassy for the Independence celebrations. A large number of Iranian guests were present. Women were all covered from top to toe in burqas. Officials from the Iranian government who were at the party left en masse at a particular time, as if by clockwork. The moment they were gone, the women removed their burqas and veils, revealing smart t-shirts and jeans. They then took out their makeup kits and went to work. Soon, they were partying like normal. However, the fact that the mullahs have lost their shine doesn’t mean all of Iran is rooting for the return of the Pehlavis.

Iranians know that Reza Pahlavi is a stooge of the West, just like his father before him was. And, it has not escaped them that the only reason the former royals are shedding so many tears for Iran is the presence of the huge reserves of oil and gas in the country. For all their faults, the mullahs have made sure that whatever money was made from the country’s mineral wealth, despite all the sanctions and curbs placed by Washington, it was all spent on the Iranian people and did not end up in secret Swiss bank accounts. As a result, Iranians have abandoned the Pehlavis and that too LONG AGO. But, if CNN is still fascinated by the Pehlavis, it is because they are anxious to please lobbies in the US and Israeli governments. When it comes to derrière-kissing, CNN sure sets the standard for American journalists doing international reporting.

Suggested Reading: Demands from Reza Pahlavi by Kobra Khanom.

UPDATE (06/07/05): Here is an excerpt from an Asia Times article.

The American Hand In Iran

By Trish Schuh

Tasked by the Bush administration with sending that message from America to Tehran, and “winning hearts and minds” is author and “Swiftboat Veterans for Truth” member Jerome Corsi. On May 16, Corsi’s NGO, the Iran Freedom Foundation (IFF), inaugurated a 12-day “Iran Freedom Walk” from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell to Washington, DC.

Dipping two fingers in red paint, Corsi waved a peace sign in solidarity “with the blood of oppressed Iranians” and called on “the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King”. He declared, “I love the Iranian people. America does not hate the Persian people. We love the Persian people. We want peace and we love the Persian people.” Corsi’s voice then dropped to a whisper; “We stand here today and we pray in the name of the gods. I embrace Jesus Christ as my savior – and we also pray in the name of Allah, Zoroaster and the B’hai.”

But Corsi has expressed very different opinions on Islam in the past. According to his own postings on FreeRepublic.com, on November 18, 2001 Corsi used a racial slur to define Arabs: “Ragheads are boy-bumpers [sodomizers] as clearly as they are women haters – it all goes together.”

Using the incendiary style he perfected for “Swiftboat veteran” television attack advertisements, Corsi declares, “Islam is a peaceful religion as long as the women are beaten, the boys buggered and the infidels killed.” Comparing Islam to a disease, he added, “How’s this for an analogy? The Koran is simply the ‘software’ for producing deviant cancer cell political behavior and violence in human beings’ and Islam is like a virus. It affects the mind. Maybe even better as an analogy: it is a cancer that destroys the body it infects. No doctor would hesitate to eliminate cancer cells from the body.” In April 2004 Corsi said, “Let’s see why it isn’t the case that Islam is a worthless, dangerous, Satanic religion. Where’s the proof to the contrary?”

Surrounding Corsi at his walk were three dozen Los Angeles Iranian dissidents and pro-monarchists interviewed by an Orthodox Jewish journalist and by the CIA-backed Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Farda.

* – Israel bankrolls many Iranian dissident groups. (Its pals in the West make sure that these groups get adequate attention in the media.) The broad indicator of this support is seen when the groups denounce anti-Israel comments as anti-semitism. It is simply impossible to find sympathisers of Israel among Arabs and other Muslims.

† – The Asia times article also notes that the IFF’s efforts are supplemented by an array of related sister organizations, such as Regime Change Iran, Alliance for Democracy in Iran, Iran of Tomorrow Movement, the Iranian Opposition Council, and The 70 Million People of Iran, which are organizing an election for a secular interim government in exile “ready to assume Iran’s governmental functions.”


  1. Narayanee (12/01/06): by coincidence, there is identity in our thinking…still We can not forget that Bush is doing a wonderful job in ensuring election process set in motion, which is unheard by Iraqis or Iranians..or afghans..bitter pill agreed..but disease is being fixed…I appreciate Bush otherwise…
  2. Moral Volcano (13/01/06): The recent elections in Iran were not the first nor the last. As mentioned in the article, Iran was a pioneer in democracy in the region and elections are not new to them. Even Iraqis are not new to democracy. They even had a communist party. Because of the oil in the country and the absence of a phony royal family (unlike other Gulf states), it has seen a large number of coups, assassinations, and dictatorships. Landlocked and resourceless Afghanistan is a victim of the Great Game (read North West Frontier by Arthur Swinson). British wanted to keep the country as a buffer against the Soviets. Pakis does not want Afghanistan go very far because Pathans living in NWFP have more in common with their kinsmen in Afghanistan than with other Pakistanis. The only chance for real progress for Afghans came when the communists came to power. Unfortunately, Americans decided to repay the USSR for their defeat in Vietnam and decided to make an example out of Afghanistan. They first lured the Russians into invading Afghanistan. Then, they plunged the country into civil war by supporting the Mujahideen. They also encouraged poppy cultivation to buy arms and ammunition for the Mujahideen. (The narcotics, of course, ended up in North America and Europe, and sure the authorities there knew all about it but were powerless to do anything.) When the Russians left, the only thing most Afghan men knew was either fighting or cultivating poppy. With Russians gone, America lost interest in Afghanistan and the country returned to anarchy. But the possibilities of American oil and gas pipelines (built by Unocal) bypassing Iran and Russia brought them back. No wonder that a former advisor to Unocal (Mohammed Karzai) is the President of the country today. Another former advisor to Unocal (Zalmay Khalilzad) was until recently the American ambassador to Afghanistan. (Interestingly, this guy is now in Iraq as the U.S. Ambassador.) American support for democracy is simply an alternative arrangement. They need a cover for unfettered exploitation. Why are they not supporting democracy in other countries in the Midddle East, say for example Saudi Arabia?