Strange Search Requests

  • picture of the volcanoe happend in srilanka: It is called a TSUANMI* – a series of tidal waves that hit land masses as a result of undersea volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

    If you want to help the victims of the disaster, you should send your cheques/demand draft/money order to
    Prime Minister’s Office, South Block, New Delhi – 110011. The cheque/draft should be drawn in favour of Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. The commision on DDs and MOs will be waived for donation to the fund. Don’t give money to scamsters.

    United States is the most powerful nation in the world. Yet, it is unbelievably insecure about its position. India’s decision to send warships to Sri Lanka and other tsunami-affected countries has given panic attacks for Uncle Sam. They immediately upped the quantum of aid and sent a small carrier force to the Indian ocean. America’s pet stringer in the India media, C. Raja Mohan, gives it a spin:

    It is the first time India has worked with a great power on a collective regional security issue. What we are seeing is the emergence of an India willing to take a lot more regional responsibility … and it is not trying to do this by keeping others out.

  • Karunanidhi dead: Not yet. I do think he should follow former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao’s example. Rao died last week.
  • terrorist’s and bitmap pictures and secret code: Referrer logs indicate that this search was done by someone in the United States Naval Academy. I know very little about steganography. But, I think that it if terrorists use this technology, they should be jailed for wasting Internet bandwidth by storing ridiculously small messages in ridiculously large bitmap files.
  • http// Not the commerical arm of the CIA. The visitor missed the : (colon) after the http. Most American government websites have .gov domain names. The website of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is at The website of the American White House is at The site leads to a satirical spoof on the real White House. The George W. Bush sued the owners of the website but lost. The court held that imitation was essential for the performance of parody.
  • http/ Oh, why do I even bother!
  • Why do Jews circumcise their babies?: In the Old Testament, Moses gave an order to all Jews that they compulsorily circumcise their male babies when they are eight days old.
  • George W Bush desktop background: Moral Volcano recommends’s Patriotic Posters.
  • wet arab pussy: Osama in the shower (with a cat?).
  • bin laden, come out you pussy: At Disturbing Search Requests, it was suggested that a kitty might be involved. I think this search puts the lid over that debate.
  • i kneed You also need
  • which animal delivers presents in Finland: Lots of Christmas-related searches. For info on Santa Claus, go to the Santa’s Origins & FAQ.
  • is hair conditioner good to apply on face?: Not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • picture condoms: Put pictures on condoms and make it attractive to kids?

* – I was really suprised that Moral Volcano ranked so high for such searches as tsuanmi footage, Asia Tsuanmi footage, pictures of tsuanmi in asia, satellite photos of tsuanmi, footage of when the tsuanmi hit, Tsuanmi Victims, etc. It turns out that I misspelled tsunami, a Japanese word meaning harbour wave, as tsuanmi. In my defence, I should say that I am not the only one making this mistake. Try a search in Google News for tsuanmi and see for yourself!