Strange Search Requests – VI

  • airhostess in nylons, punished airhostess, airhostess was raped while flying: Airhostesses seem to induce a lot of fantasies. Pity, I never boarded a plane in my life.
  • “Iraqi Rewards Program” english translation: The CIA website no longer has the english_rewards.htm page. Both the English and Arab hyperlinks in its home page lead to the arabic_rewards.htm page. Knowing that the english_rewards.htm page would not last, I emailed it to my HotMAIL account when it first came in the news. So, I have a copy of the page with all the formatting intact with me now. All italics are mine.

    Central Intelligence Agency, Director of Central Intelligence

    If you have information relating to Iraq which you believe might be of interest to the U.S. Government, please contact us through our secure online form. We will carefully protect all information you provide, including your identity.

    To help us confirm and act quickly on your information, you must provide your full name, nationality, occupation and contact information including phone number. This allows the U. S. Government to grant rewards for valuable information. We will maintain strict confidentiality.

    Imminent attacks: If you have information regarding an imminent attack by insurgents or terrorists we ask that you also contact a Coalition Force
    member or Iraqi police immediately.

    Weapons of mass destruction: The presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq puts at risk the health and safety of all Iraqis. The U.S. government offers rewards to Iraqis who give specific and verifiable information that
    helps Iraqis rid their country of these dangerous materials and devices. Rewards will be available for specific and verifiable information on:

    • The location of stocks of recently made chemical or biological weapons munitions, missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, or their component parts;
    • The location of chemical or biological laboratories and factories, development and production sites, and test sites associated with WMD, or sites where these materials were secretly disposed of;
    • Weapons system plans, military orders, or other relevant documents about biological and chemical weapons, missiles, or unmanned aerial vehicles;
    • Iraqis who are able and willing to provide detailed information on Iraq’s WMD programs and efforts to hide them.

    Ba’thist leaders: U.S. Government Rewards are available for the following information on former Ba’thist regime leaders, including 10 million U.S. dollars for information leading to the capture of former Revolutionary Command Council Chairman `Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri:

    • The current location and activities of these individuals;
    • Who these individuals are meeting with and their future plans.

    Insurgency and terrorism: Insurgents loyal to the former regime, and terrorists are trying to undermine Iraq’s future. Rewards are available for specific
    and verifiable information that helps in their capture or otherwise to deprive them of sanctuary and support, such as information on:

    • Al-Qa’ida, Ansar Al-Islam, Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi and affiliates in Iraq;
    • Individuals or groups obtaining explosives and other weapons to use against Coalition forces, Iraqi police, Iraqi Civil Defense Corps members, schools,
      businesses, or civilians;
    • Individuals or groups providing insurgents and terrorists with safe houses, training, logistics support;
    • Individuals or groups involved in, or knowledgeable about, terrorist smuggling routes into Iraq;
    • Individuals or groups recruiting, facilitating, fundraising, and otherwise supporting terrorism in Iraq;
    • Facilitators providing documents that assist terrorists’ travel to Iraq;
    • Travel agencies, NGOs, and front companies involved in facilitating terrorists’ travel to Iraq.

    Missing Coalition personnel: Rewards are available for information on missing Coalition service personnel, as well as Gulf War officer, U.S.
    naval aviator Michael Speicher.

    Interestingly, the US military used over 1000 tons of depleted uranium (DU) in Iraq. Depleted uranium is harder than steel and is used to protect armor and to reinforce armor-piercing ammunition. Depleted uranium is extremely dangerous to health if ingested. Because deplted uranium has mixed with groundwater and is part of the foodchain, scores of Iraqis suffer from DU poisoning. Coalition personnel who were exposed to DU dust have begun to show symptoms of DU poisoning.

  • parameter rumsfeld: Referrer logs indicate that this search was done by someone from a large U.S. defence contractor. I don’t know the guy was looking for.
  • authobiography on ronald reagan: I am #1 for this search. Turns out that there is no h after the t in autobiography.
  • models in their birthday suits: Visit El
  • indian girlfriend film: This guy went past nearly 500 results to reach Moral Volcano.
  • tamil lesbian ladies get married last week in washington dc: Forget the wedding. Focus on the mating.
  • saddam humor: See the post titled Future Options For Saddam After Capture
  • how do i hack into my husband’s email: A woman in the United States was recently indicted for hacking into her husband’s email. But if you are willig to take the risk, try this. Go to your husband’s computer and open Outlook Express. Go to Tools » Accounts. Now, select your husband’s email account and click on Export. This will put details of your husband’s account in a .iaf. You will have to move this file to a different computer and import the mail account. Now, you will be able to import mail from your husband’s account without knowing the password. Of course, any mail you download will be deleted from the mail server and if your husband complains to the ISP, they will identify your IP address. There are a few utilities on the Net that can change the password asterices into legible letters. After identifying the password, you can use a mail reader software like ePrompter that allows you to read mail messages without deleting them from the server or marking them as read.
  • “missionary training centers” phone: Referrer logs indicate that this search came from someone in the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration. Is it my mistakes Indian missionary propagandists use American spelling?
  • Dhinakaran fraud: Might be true. In a Binny Hinn show, this guy claimed to have visited heaven and spoken to God. He also met Paul, who he describes as a a short man, short and very skinny; just skin and bones. He also claimed there were three heavens. Read more about the heavenly class sytem at Benny Endorses Trip To Heaven.
  • Look how UK’s military looks for information. No wonder their intelligence was deemed faulty. If I wanted a video of the Exocet missile, I would have gone to the manufacturer’s site at
    MBDA.netuk_defence_visit uk_defence_search