Howard Dean Vs George W. Bush Online Poll Results

Between 8th September 2003 and 17th November 2003, my website conducted an online poll.

For the 2004 Presidential elections in the US, George W. Bush is
set to win the Republican Party nomination as he is the lone contender.

Howard Dean is the leading contender for the Democratic Party
nomination. According to Lycos 50, he has proved more popular than Madonna or Alyssa
Milano thanks to his largely Internet-driven grassroots campaign. Links: Dean Nation
blog & Blog For America.

Who do you think is the better candidate to lead America?

A total of 116 votes were cast. George W. Bush received 49 votes. Howard Dean received 67 votes. It must be said that Dean managed tipped the scale because of non-American voters. (Most visitors to the DOWNLOADS page, where the online poll was conducted, are from the US.) Among people using keyboards marked EN-US, 32 votes were cast for GWB and 28 for Howard Dean. Among people using foreign keyboards (DE-AT, PT-BR, EN-NZ, EN-GB…), only 7 votes were cast for GWB, while an overwhelming 30 votes were cast for Howard Dean. Sometimes, visitors manage not to reveal their keyboard layout types and these people cast 19 votes: 10 votes for GWB and 9 votes for Howard Dean.